Calories in Coffee

Quick Coffee Nutrition Facts

calories in coffeeFirst the good by itself generally is calorie free!  That's right, black coffee generally has 0 calories.  Now here's the bad news, creamer, sugar and anything else you dump in your cup o' joe only adds to the coffee count.

While not everyone enjoys their coffee black with no additions, coffee can remain relatively healthy when adding creamers and sugars if they're added in moderation.

The amount of calories in energy drinks on the other hand can be as high as 140 calories per serving.  With some cans providing two or more servings, you can be well over 300 calories per can!

Coffee Calories Cheat Sheet

  • A shot of espresso can contain as much as 3 calories
  • A mug of Americano has 5 calories
  • A glass of black iced coffee has 5 calories
  • A mug of bulletproof coffee can have up to 440 calories

 How Can I Make Coffee Healthier?

Drink A Premium Coffee

How can a premium coffee help make coffee healthier?  Premium, freshly roasted coffee tends to be less bitter with a smoother more mellow taste.  Our Python Power coffee for example has a distinct vanilla and almond flavor which can help eliminate the need for calorie rich creamers.  Our Java Jolt Columbian coffee will give off a fruity almost sweet flavor with a buttery aftertaste.  

Cut Down On The Sweet Extras

This can be the number one factor that causes the calories in coffee to rise.  Creamer can have up to 30 - 40 calories per serving, problem is we tend to add 2 - 3 servings every time we drink a cup.

Gradually Cut Back On Additions

If the taste of black coffee isn't your thing that is perfectly fine, but moderation is always wise.  If you try and cut all sugar and creamer out of your coffee routing, you will more than likely fail.  If you gradually cut back on sweeteners, you are more likely to find a happy medium between coffee flavor and flavored creamer.

Use Alternative Sweeteners

Almond milk, zero calorie Stevia and various other sweeteners can all help mellow your favorite cup of coffee.

Calories in Bulletproof Coffee

 So, we're saying adding butter and coconut oil to coffee can is a bad thing?  Well yes and no.  Bulletproof coffee is often applauded for giving you an even bigger jolt of energy than coffee alone, but all that energy comes at an extremely high calorie cost.  If you're altogether concerned about the amount of calories in your coffee, we'd advice staying away from the butter and oil additions to your cup of of java.

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