Coffee grind size and what they are best used for

To get the perfect cup of coffee for the type you want you will need to use a specific type of grind. 

Heres a quick quick chart you can glance at to find the type of grind for the type of coffee you are craving.

Coffee grind size chart

Finely Ground Coffee

This type of ground has little to no sheen. If you press into it it will hold your finger indentation. This ground is best used for Espresso or Moka Pots. 

Tips when grinding: When making finely ground beans you want to use short pulses to make sure the burr grinder has a chance to process ever surface of the bean.

Medium Ground Coffee

This ground is the standard you'll find for pre-ground coffee in most grocery stores. It's the most commonly used ground. It's best for Drip Coffee makers. 

There are some specialty brewing setups for medium grinds that can bring out the flavor for this common grind. 

Coarse Ground Coffee

Coarse ground coffee should have the consistency of sea salt with a decent amount of sheen left to the grind. This type of grind is best for French Press or Percolators. 

With this grind you need to let it steep so as to pull out the flavor from the bean. 

Other uses: You can also use an extremely coarse grind for Cold Brew.

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