Coffee vs. Energy Drinks

Coffee for EnergyLong hours, low energy and upcoming deadlines.  All these problems face programmers, developers and creative minds so it isn't uncommon to grab one when you're needing an energy jolt.  

Now granted, we may seem biased since we are a coffee company, however we appreciate the purpose energy drinks serve in our industry and intend to give the pros and cons of each drink fairly.  

What is an Energy Drink?

Energy drinks are mainly marketed as products that increase focus, mental awareness and physical performance.  Aside from multivitamins, they are the most popular dietary supplement consumed by young adults.  

Caffeine Content

Caffeine content between coffee and energy drinks can differ based on many factors,  but in most cases you'll generally find more caffeine in coffee than energy drinks.  For instance, a typical cup of coffee can contain as much as 175mg of caffeine, where an 8oz can of Red Bull will have around 80mg.  

One thing to consider is the added "booster" ingredients that are present in energy drinks such as taurine can help avoid energy crashes and boost athletic performance, so keep that in mind before hitting the gym or pounding the pavement for your afternoon jog.




Glucose, sodium citrate, artificial colors and flavors.  These aren't the ingredients of your favorite soft drink, they're ingredients commonly found in your average can of Red Bull.  Coffee on the other hand contains only one  You can't get much more cut and dry than that.  Coffee is a great source of caffeine without all the added ingredients if you're looking to keep track of what you're putting into your body.  


Take a cup of coffee, add a few teaspoons of sugar and your favorite sweetened creamer and you'll still have less sugar than in your typical energy drink.  A typical 8oz Red Bull energy drink will have 26 grams of sugar.  That's okay, I'll drink sugar free energy drinks you say?  Well, that can help, but sugar free energy drinks normally have artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and sucrose.  

Coffee is naturally sugar free, so it will contain as much sugar as you put into it.


This one is quite simple.  $20 will typically get you around 7 cans of Red Bull while a 12oz bag of any DevBrew Coffee will run you about &12.99 - $15.99, enough to make 68 cups of coffee.  The numbers simply don't lie. 


The Bottom Line

Each person has their own unique tastes and preferences with what they drink to boost their energy and focus, but in our opinion the fight has a clear winner. Caffeine is present in energy drinks naturally, while energy drinks are manufactured to give you a jolt of energy.  

Which drink is your go to when looking to get a boost of productivity and focus?  Let us know in the comments below.

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