The Art of French Press Coffee Making

French Press Coffee Making

The French press method of coffee making is said to be one of the easiest and most consistent ways to brew a strong and great tasting cup of coffee.  With a little bit of patience and a minor amount of muscle your French pressed coffee will be done in a snap.  

Before getting into the ins and outs of French Press coffee making, here are a few tips to getting a great and consistent coffee every time.


When talking the french press coffee brewing technique, coffee that is store bought is strictly frowned upon.  Any type of coffee can work, with a medium or dark roast such as our Python Power - Brazilian coffee or our SQL Surge - Mexican Coffee due to their rich and bold flavors.  


A medium is best when making French Press coffee.  A grind that is too fine will often slip through your filter and a grind that is too course may clog the filter while not giving the coffee enough time to properly extract rich and flavorful coffee.

Water Temperature

Water temperature is a vital part of proper French Press extraction.  Water approximately 205 degrees is the perfect temperature.  This can typically be achieved by letting boiling water sit for around half a minute after removing from heat.


Slow, steady pressure when pressing is best.  The slower the press will allow a deeper, richer flavor to be extracted from your coffee.  Two recommended French Press coffee makers is the Secura Stainless Steel French Press and the Cafe de Chateu French Press Coffee Maker.

Step 1 - Warm your French Press

Rinsing your press with hot water will help maintain the temperature of your hot water help give you a more consistent brew.

Step 2 - Grind

Measure about 8 tablespoons (56g) of medium grind coffee. 

Step 3 - Pour your Water

Empty the water used to warm your press and slowly pour the hot water over the coffee about half way up the maker.  Make sure you pour evenly while saturating all the coffee, ensuring there are no dry spots.  

Step 4 - Stir

At around 1:00 after saturating your coffee, give your coffee a good stir while breaking the top portion.  A wood stirrer works best, since a metal one may end up cracking the glass.

Step 5 - Pour more water

Now fill your press to the top with the remaining water.  Place the top of the press but don't press down the plunger.

Step 6 - Press

At the 4:00 mark, press down the plunger with slow and consistent pressure all the way down the coffee maker.

After pressing the plunger all the way to the bottom, your coffee is ready to serve and enjoy.  Enjoy your new French Pressed coffee soon as the longer it sits with the coffee the more bitter it will become.

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