100% Single Origin Beans

Our single origin coffee flavors have been carefully picked to give you the richest experience in your morning pick me up. We have single origins from Colombia and Brazil. We are always on the look out to add additional single origin flavors to the mix. 

100% Single Origin Colombian
Light, medium or dark roasted pure Colombian coffee, single origin. Well balanced with tasting notes that include mild red fruit, toffee, cocoa, dried apples and a fairly mild to heavy body. Grown in the Antioquia and Calda mountain regions at elevations between 3,800 and 4,400 feet. Coffee plants were first documented as being present in Colombia around 1730 but it is not known for sure how it ended up there or for how long. Environmentally friendly washed processing, sun dried and hand selected.

100% Single Origin Brazilian
Light, medium or dark roasted pure Brazilian coffee, single origin. Tasting notes include nutty hints and sweet chocolate. This coffee is grown at an elevation of 3,600 feet in the São Paulo state. Popular as a dark roast coffee and makes great espresso with its unique espresso flavor. Coffee was brought to Brazil in the 18th Century and for over 150 years Brazil has been the largest producer of coffee with over 10,000 square miles of coffee plants. Many Italians looking for work moved to Brazil in the early 1900's after learning there was enormous demand for workers in the coffee fields, and much was then exported back to Italy making the coffees of Brazil very popular throughout Europe over time.

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