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The Coffee Guide - What's the big deal?

Coffee has been in our lives here at {Dev}Brew for most of our adult lives, so we may be a little biased, but a good cup of coffee can lift your spirits like nothing else.  Selecting a coffee though can be a daunting task, especially with the abundance of choices that are available.  So how do you choose the perfect coffee for your tastes?  Taste as many variations as possible!  To help, here is a quick coffee guide on the magical elixir that is called coffee.

- Light or Dark Side?

Apologies for the Star Wars reference, but we figure there must be coffee in
 galaxies far far away.  The temperature a coffee bean is roasted has a major factor in how your coffee will taste and the amount of caffeine it will contain. As a general rule of thumb, light roasts generally have more exotic and floral flavors, while dark roasts will be more robust and complex.  Regarding caffeine, light roasts will generally contain more caffeine over dark.

- Coffee Grinds

How the water extracts the flavor of your coffee can be best controlled by the type of grind you select.  Finer grinds give you more surface area and slow down the water that passes through your coffee.  Coarse grinds to the opposite.

Finding the best grind for your tastes is no easy task, but the method you brew your coffee will have a direct effect in your perfect grind as well.

- Coffee Freshness

Fresher is better... obviously.  Few know coffee beans start losing their freshness the moment they are roasted.  Bottom line, store coffee away from air, moisture, heat and light.  All these conditions will cause your coffee to lose freshness faster.